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Paint Your World!


Mr. Paint Shop

Paint Your World!


Mr. Paint Shop

Paint Your World!


Mr. Paint Shop

Paint Your World!

Now, you can buy all your painting needs under one roof. Whether it is interior house paint, exterior paint, furniture paint, floor paint, fire retardant paint, you name it we have it. We currently carry leading paint products such as Dulux, Nippon, Jotun, Kansai, SKK, KCC, Sissons, MCI, Pentens, Mapei, Suzuka, Vasari, GORI, Smart Paint and San Cora. Our commitment to delivering excellent service and added value at all times strengthens our belief that the customer is king at Mr. Paint Shop.

Widest Range

Choosing paint can be quite a challenge when decorating, we know. We proud to be one of the leader in this industry who carries widest range of products to fit all your painting needs.

Unlimited Colour Range & Mixing

Colour Mixing offers you the widest range of colours, available in a great range of finishes, all specially mixed for you in-store! The really clever bit about Colour Mixing is that by following a few simple steps, you can find colours that work wonderfully together or with an item of furniture.

Colour Consultants In The House

We understand that Choosing the right colours can sometimes be extremely overwhelming sometimes. Our in-house colour consultants are always ready to serve all the way from inspirations to advices that you required to create a comfort home of yours

Coating For Heavy Duty & Industrial

We’r expertise in the application of Industrial painting, coatings and linings extends to a comprehensive range of quality controlled on commercial, industrial and marine coatings. Applications range from fire resistant and retardant coatings, protection against chemical and environmental damage, heavy duty wear and tear, and anti-slip surfacing etc.

Free Next Day Delivery

We understand date your schedule can be tight. At Mr Paint Shop, that’s why we’re proud to introduce Next Day Delivery – our same-day-processing, fast delivery service that lets you order arrive your site in One Business Day.

Fully Equipped Paint Store

We are a vibrant paint and hardware retailer where the residential and commercial customer is king. Paint contractors, builders, DIY’ers, gents and ladies are all welcome to flock to us.


Our Top Painting Manufacturers In Malaysia


We’ve established and will continue growing our global presence by developing high quality, high performance, and low-cost coating products that do as little possible or no harm to the environment at all. We aim to be the most trusted company in the world.


Dulux is manufactured by AkzoNobel and is the world's leading paint brand of premium quality paint.

Nippon Paint

Colours, Paints and Blobbies! We're bursting with ideas for your home.


Founded in 1997, KCC Paint in Malaysia (KCC Paints Sdn Bhd) is one of the many overseas subsidiaries of Korea’s largest paint and chemical company – KCC Corporation. KCC Paint Malaysia is the primary source of manufacturing, development, distribution and the marketing of the various paints and chemical products produced in Malaysia.


‘Saving labour and energy’, ‘fire prevention and earthquake-resistance’, ‘improving asset value’, and ‘high environmental friendliness.


Your leading provider of quality installations for light gauge framing, painting and drywall for over 25 years.


Jotun: For iconic buildings and beautiful homes.

Mr Paint Man

Mr. Paint Man is a home grown Malaysian entity which brings together experts with vast experience in the decorative and architectural coatings industry.


Boustead Sissons Paints Sdn Bhd is a major paint manufacturer in Malaysia. The company specialises in the manufacturing and marketing of architectural and protective coatings. It also offers the Omnicolor Computerised Tinting System which tints a wide range of colours with great accuracy and is available nationwide through the dealership network. It has extensive distribution network nationwide and also channels businesses to institution and trade sectors.


For the past 40 years, SANCora Paint has quietly revolutionised the paint industry with innovative products and solutions.


Suzukacoat (M) Sdn. Bhd. is a leading Malaysian company, offering a range of attractive and versatile texture coating and stone veneer finishes designed to complement the modern home, work and lifestyle.


One of the leading manufacturers and distributes specialist in building material for all industry which include raised floor system, water-based resin, water resistant floor, low pressure cracks, silicon-rubber waterproofing paint, soft resin mortal for waterproofing and high strength epoxy flooring.